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Synopsis Auditor General's Report 2011, Federal - Activity (SAF2011)

  1. #SYN Academic Training Scheme For Institution of Higher Education - SAF2011
  2. #SYN Agropolitan Project Under Rural Quantum Leap Programme - SAF2011
  3. #SYN Conservation And Preservation Of Heritage Programme - SAF2011
  4. #SYN Construction And Management Of Johor Ministry Of Home Affairs Complex - SAF2011
  5. #SYN Construction And Upgrading Of Rural Road Projects In Sarawak - SAF2011
  6. #SYN Construction Management And Equipment Procurement At Advance Technology Training Centre - SAF2011
  7. #SYN Construction Of The Marine Police Base Lahad Datu, Sabah - SAF2011
  8. #SYN Construction Project Of The Kluang Hospital, Johor - SAF2011
  9. #SYN Contract Administration - SAF2011
  10. #SYN Electrified Double Track Project Between Ipoh And Padang Besar - SAF2011
  11. #SYN Electrified Double Track Project Between Seremban And Gemas - SAF2011
  12. #SYN Indah Water Konsortium Sdn. Bhd. - SAF2011
  13. #SYN Institut Terjemahan Dan Buku Malaysia - SAF2011
  14. #SYN Linen And Laundry Service Management - SAF2011
  15. #SYN Maintenance Of The Kuala Lumpur Court Complex - SAF2011
  16. #SYN Maintenance Services Of Hospital Information System - SAF2011
  17. #SYN Malaysia International Franchise Sdn. Bhd. - SAF2011
  18. #SYN Management Of Bankruptcy And Company Winding Up Cases - SAF2011
  19. #SYN Management of Cooked Food Supply To Boarding Schools Technical/Vocational Secondary Schools And Government...- SAF2011
  20. #SYN Management Of Dam Operations - SAF2011
  21. #SYN Management Of Desk Audit Activity At The Non-Resident Branch - SAF2011
  22. #SYN Management Of Emergency Relief Equipment Procurement - SAF2011
  23. #SYN Management Of Enforcement Activities - SAF2011
  24. #SYN Management Of Flying Doctor Service Programme In The State Of Sarawak - SAF2011
  25. #SYN Management Of Hospital Equipment - SAF2011
  26. #SYN Management Of Housing Loan - SAF2011
  27. #SYN Management Of Import Duties Assessment - SAF2011
  28. #SYN Management Of Information On Fees And Commissions Recipients - SAF2011
  29. #SYN Management Of Integrated Transport Information System Project - SAF2011
  30. #SYN Management Of Medical And Non Medical Supplies - SAF2011
  31. #SYN Management Of National Service Training Programme - SAF2011
  32. #SYN Management Of Parliamentary Area Agriculture Project - SAF2011
  33. #SYN Management Of Providing/Upgrading Tourism Facilities Programme - SAF2011
  34. #SYN Management Of Quarters - SAF2011
  35. #SYN Management Of Rice Subsidies To BERNAS And Private Manufacturers - SAF2011
  36. #SYN Management Of RMCD Quarters - SAF2011
  37. #SYN Management Of Seized And Forfeited Goods - SAF2011
  38. #SYN Management Of The Registration Of Contractors By The Contractor Service Centre - SAF2011
  39. #SYN Management Of The Seaweed Industry Development - SAF2011
  40. #SYN Management Of Tourism Development At Corridor Economic Region - SAF2011
  41. #SYN Management Of Urban Drainage Project - SAF2011
  42. #SYN Management On Income Tax Of Property Owners - SAF2011
  43. #SYN Management On Tax Audit Activity For Individuals With Business Income - SAF2011
  44. #SYN Married Quarters Facilities For Malaysian Armed Forces - SAF2011
  45. #SYN Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad - SAF2011
  46. #SYN Permanent Food Production Park Programme - SAF2011
  47. #SYN Procurement Of Equipment For Vocational Subjects At Technical/Vocational Secondary Schools - SAF2011
  48. #SYN Procurement Of Working Tools For Enforcement Activities - SAF2011
  49. #SYN Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn. Bhd. - SAF2011
  50. #SYN Registration, Licensing And Enforcement Activity Of Pharmaceutical Product - SAF2011
  51. #SYN SIRIM Berhad - SAF2011
  52. #SYN Social Assistance Programme - SAF2011
  53. #SYN Solar Hybrid System Project For Rural Schools - SAF2011
  54. #SYN Student Entrepreneurship Programme - SAF2011
  55. #SYN Technology Application Programme For Community - SAF2011
  56. #SYN The Construction Of Quarters, Stations And Offices - SAF2011
  57. #SYN The Construction Of Sultan Yahya Petra Second Bridge, Kota Bahru, Kelantan - SAF2011
  58. #SYN The Management Of Undeveloped Land - SAF2011
  59. #SYN UDA Holdings Berhad - SAF2011
  60. #SYN Upgrading Of Penang Hill Railway Project, Penang - SAF2011
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