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  1. Copyright
    The audit reports in this website is sourced from the Audit Department web site at The documents from the audit department are decomposed or disaggregated into smaller units of information for use here. Named entities are extracted from these units of information for mapping up the information graph. While every effort is taken to ensure that the original content is unchanged, errors and omissions are expected. Users are advised to refer to the original documents available from the Audit Department website if there is any doubt.

    The copyright of the audit reports and other information included in this web site belongs to their respective owners. The copyright of the layout of this website, the information architecture and various novel features belong to Multicentric Technology Sdn Bhd (MCT).

  2. Responsibility
    The web site uses a third party system for comments and discussion. The users are responsible for any comments that they made and must ensure that they do not contravene the Malaysian laws. We do not monitor the web site at all times and cannot be liable for these comments.

    MCT shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the usage of any information obtained from this website.

  3. Email privacy
    MCT does not sell, rent, or exchange email addresses of its users and subscribers. MCT uses email addresses to send the following:
    1. Announcements to users of this service.
    2. Articles on case studies and potential usages of the service.
    3. Promotion of training courses and forums.
    All MCT created, and supported email distribution lists have "unsubscribe" instructions.

  4. Cookies
    We use cookies to save your credentials and your session ID. The system will not function properly without the use of cookies, so you cannot block the use of cookies. If you like you make set your browser to delete the cookies when you close the browser.

    We also use the StatCounter service to track our visitors.

  5. Refund Policy
    MCT does not accept a cancellation of your subscription and will not refund unused portions of your subscriptions.

  6. Re-subscribing for the service
    If your subscription lapse for more than one year, you can re-subscribe for the service by paying the same rate as your last payment.

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