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The MyAGR website will be subscriptions based as per our Terms of service. The subscription rates are on a declining scale as tabulated below.

  Category Annual Subscriptions (MYR)
1st year 2nd year 3rd year onwards
1 Public 100 80 60
2 Students 50 30 20
*All rates are subject to change without notice.

The website is under beta testing, and we will launch it officially when we have all the key features in place together with at least five years of the annual AG's reports.

Subscribing members will be able to view and download all the documents available on the website. Non-members will be able to view the various pages of the system and preview one page of the audit reports. However, they will not be able to download the documents.

Before you subscribe to this service, you need to register with the website first. This is to validate your email address, which is also your ID with the system. Recovery of lost password will require your email address.

New registered users will be given seven days of free access after validation of their email address.

Students need to show proof of their status by sending us an image of their current student card.

Prelaunch subscribers
You can subscribe for the service now and use it for free until the launch date. In otherwords, your subscription period will be calculated only from the date of our official launch.

We have already invested more than two years in our development efforts, and we are looking at crowd funding to help us make this project self-sustaining. Your support will help us employ more staff to speed up the populating of the system with additional annual AG's reports, catch up with the current publications from the Audit Department and to improve our quality control processes. We also need to establish the procedures for the handling of users' feedbacks and so on.

Credit card payment
Fund transfer
Payment can be made through Fund transfer to our MayBank Account.
Account Name: Multicentric Technology Sdn Bhd
Account No: 512231333039

Please email proof of payment to
Your payment will normally be processed within 24 hours after receipt.

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