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Making the AG's Report more accessible, integrated and usable
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Table of Contents

1 Who are the intended users of this web service?
2 What benefits can the public administrators get from this system that they cannot get elsewhere?
3 What benefits can the public get from this system?
4 What are the technical and information management challenges faced in developing this system?
5 Can you give some examples of the innovations developed and deployed in the system?
6 What efforts and other resources have been invested in developing this system so far?
7 The system looks very complex, how can a user learn how to use it effectively?
8 What made you initiate this system?
9 Are there other similar systems in the market? Is this a blue ocean strategy?
10 Integration is a big word. How is the information integrated in this system and what is the impact on the end users?
11 There are many big issues in the civil services such as procurement, wastage, human-resource management and so on. How can this system help the government to innovate and develop strategies to tackle these problems?
12 Does your system make the audit reports computational? If so, in what way?
13 What are the outstanding works required before you launch the service officially?
14 I am not a subscriber. Can I access the website?
15 How are you going to finance the continued development and support for the system?
16 How is the public reception of this service?.

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